Public Health Scotland COVID-19 Winter Statistical Report

As at 17January 2022 Publication date: 19 January 2022

The latest public health data published by the Scottish Government reveals that the COVID-19 “age-standardized case rate” is at its highest among the double-jabbed ‘fully vaccinated’ – and it isn’t particularly close.

The update also showed the sharp negative efficiency was maintained throughout double vaccinated rates for hospitalizations and deaths over the past four weeks.


Since the start of the Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) outbreak Public Health Scotland (PHS) has been working closely with Scottish Government and health and care colleagues in supporting the surveillance and monitoring of COVID-19 amongst the population. As part of our continuous review of reporting, as of 08 December 2021 Public Health Scotland has implemented changes to the COVID-19 Weekly Report to support the reader in drawing insights from a wider range of existing metrics around COVID-19 and winter pressures.

Caution should be used when making comparisons between metrics; each metric is calculated independently and may cover different time periods or cohorts of the population. The consolidated report will include the following content weekly: COVID-19

• Summary of tests and cases
• Contact Tracing
• Hospital and ICU admissions
• Testing in care homes
• COVID-19 vaccination status cases, hospitalisations and deaths
• Covid-19 vaccination uptake summary
• Ad-hoc reporting on topics such as: Covid-19 and Vaccination in pregnancy, Equality
reporting etc.

Hospital/ Wider System Pressures

• Unscheduled Care
• Waiting Times
• Delayed Discharges

Additional charts for a number of variables related to COVID-19 service use in the NHS, including some metrics previously presented in the weekly COVID-19 report, are available to view in our interactive dashboard. These include breakdowns by age, sex and deprivation. The variables currently available on the dashboard include:

• Positive cases per day and cumulative total
• COVID-19 hospital admissions
• COVID-19 patients admitted to ICU admissions
• COVID-19 related contacts to NHS24 and the Coronavirus Helpline
• Community Hubs and Assessment Centers
• Scottish Ambulance Service incidents
• Contact tracing
• Health care workers
• Care homes
• Targeted community testing
• Travel outside of Scotland
• Quarantine Statistics
• NHS Protect Scotland App
• Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Testing 5

The Public Health Scotland COVID-19 Daily Dashboard publishes daily updates on the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Scotland, with charts showing the trend since the start of the outbreak. From 26 February 2021 the Daily Dashboard also includes daily updates on vaccinations for COVID-19 in Scotland.

There is a large amount of data being regularly published regarding COVID-19 (for example, Coronavirus in Scotland – Scottish Government and Deaths involving coronavirus in Scotland – National Records of Scotland). This report complements the range of existing data currently available.

To View The Current COVID-19 Report for Scotland Click Link Below:

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