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Authors: Authored by Emily Miller via Emily Posts

The Scared Vaccinated and the Grateful Vaccinated

Fauci, CNN and Aniston are spokesmen for the Scared Vaccinated. Their opposites are the Grateful Vaccinated, who have little to worry about COVID. Nine out of 10 of the vaccinated will not catch the virus. That one “breakthrough” case will be much less severe or no symptoms. None of them will die of COVID.

As it stands now, 71 percent of adults have gotten one shot and 61 percent are fully vaccinated. When you add in the under 18 kids, the average is still 51% of the country is fully vaccinated. Most likely, that number will only increase with children vaccinations because the adults have had time to make a final decision. 

The Grateful Vaccinated have gone back to their normal lives — sightseeing, parties, traveling, unmasking. They wonder why other vaccinated people are so angry as things have improved so much.

What splits the vaccinated is fear. The Scared Vaccinated are scared of what they can’t control, which at this point in the pandemic, is simply other people’s health decisions. They are driven by emotions, not facts.

When we are traumatized — which I believe much of the country is from the March 2020 lockdowns — our frontal lobe turns off and our bodies take over for survival. This is why the Scared Vaccinated are so reactive. They are constantly in a state of fight or flight. They see someone without a mask and feel like they could die. They hear someone say he or she is not vaccinated, and they feel like they are being personally attacked. 

It is impossible to reason with someone whose body is pumping cortisol and adrenaline. This is why the facts of vaccine effectiveness and the pandemic don’t work when trying to debate with the Scared Vaccinated. 

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