COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease

Authors: Dr. Mercola Interviews the Experts

Any medical treatment must be evaluated along a cost-benefit analysis. No treatment is risk free. It is in this respect that transparent availability of risk-group-stratified data on potential effects of vaccination, as compared to corresponding unvaccinated groups, must be available. These should be analysed by specialists free of any suspicions of conflicts of interests. The publication and unbiased discussion of their results must be facilitated, not hindered. Below I describe several potential negative vaccine effects, including vaccination-associated, documented 3- and 20-fold increases in infection and death rates, respectively. These cast serious doubts on positive outcomes of the above-mentioned cost-benefit analysis, which seems absent from public discourse. Further analyses show for ages 20-90 that increases in vaccination-associated mortality are inversely proportional to age, up to 60 % for those aged 20-24. Extrapolating these results for ages below 20 expects mortality increases beyond 100 % for those younger than 5. It is essential to account for adverse vaccine effects during the period of vaccination. Most publications on COVID19-vaccination in Israel only refer to the period after full vaccination. This is misleading and tantamount to only tell cancer patients their survival rates after they survived a successful treatment. Standard estimations of treatment success include risks during the treatment, which is often a period of increased risks, as suggested below.

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