Grants Management

“The Foundation provides funding for a wide-variety of COVID-19 Studies. We are interested in Studies that range from the viral genomics of SARS-2, the etiology, symptomology and physical diagnostics of the disease and its progression. We fund studies to develop cures and aggravating and relieving factors and studies to determine outcomes over-time. In addition, we are researching and funding studies to determine the Economic impact of COVID-19 as a spectrum of chronic autoimmune diseases.

Researchers and clinicians are welcome to submit unsolicited requests for funding for COVID-19 related projects using our On-line Research Submission Application and our Scientific Advisory Board is constantly reviewing requests.

To access our on-line system you must first register and join the COVID-19 Long-haul Professional Network.

Once registered you will have access to our Inception mobile clinical research platform and our Automated Grants Management System and our COV-19 LifeSpan Registry, COV-19 Data Set & Disease Model and Analytic Toolkit. The Grants Management System automates the design, submission, review, IRB Approval, Study set-up, Subject Recruitment, P.I. and remote collaborator assignment, Study Management, IRB and On-line A.E’s and S.A.E’s, Finance & Administration of payments and report writing and publishing.