How Precision Medicine, Genomics Research is Decoding COVID-19

Authors:  Jessica Kent

Studies have sought to discover why the disease affects some individuals more severely than others, how communities can reduce the spread of infection, and which states or cities will likely see a surge of new cases.

A critical feature of this research – and the key to achieving an enhanced understanding of the virus – is the field of precision medicine and genomics. In order to treat COVID-19, healthcare professionals first have to know how the virus operates, as well as who is most likely to experience negative outcomes from the disease.

To answer these questions, researchers have doubled down on their precision medicine efforts. Recently, the San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics (SAPPT) announced the funding of three projects that will aim to accelerate treatments for COVID-19.

One project will examine the role of a specific protein in COVID-19 and how it is potentially impacting individual responses to the virus. The team will initially study the role of the protein as a link to greater mortality rates for individuals with underlying cardiovascular conditions.

Although the project will focus on COVID-19, the research also has implications for other diseases.

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