COVID-19 Long-haul Spectrum Study

White blood cell B lymphocyte plasma cell producing antibodies. COVID Long-haulers suffer from a wide variety of autoimmune responses.

The Foundation is looking for Volunteers to participate in a Study to Determine the Incidence & Prevalence of COVID-19 Long-haul illnesses and to better understand how they distribute across age, sex and other identifiable risk factors. This project will be used to further develop phenotype and other registries that will be used for genomic analysis and development of cures.

Participants in this research project provide a detailed history of their COVID illness using the Foundation’s Mobile Social Research Network. Daily diaries and telemetry track and monitor the physiologic and social impact of the disease. Forums, Groups & Chats provide all study participants with support for their Long-haul conditions so that we can develop a better understanding of how to defeat these illnesses.