UK Cardiologist: Pause the COVID Vaccine Program

Authors:  Michelle Edwards September 27, 2022 Nature Reports

One of Britain’s most influential cardiologists, Dr. Aseem Malhotra—citing a duty to his patients, scientific integrity, and the truth—just published what he describes as perhaps the most critical research paper of his prestigious career. His work, fueled by the sudden death of his “very fit and well” father in July 2021, critically appraised the real-world data around the mRNA COVID jab. After nine months of rigorous research and extensive peer review, Malhotra’s paper concludes what many heavily censored brave experts have been saying for months—the massive push to get the mRNA COVID-19 jab into the arms of humanity serves a purely sinister purpose: increased pharmaceutical shareholder profits at any cost. Indeed, with Pfizer in the lead, Malhotra is convinced the current system, which gives big pharma way too much power, is “encouraging good people to do bad things.” On that note, he is calling for all COVID-19 vaccines to be withdrawn. 

In conducting research for his paper titled ‘Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine,’ Dr. Malhotra commented on the early headlines around the world making “very bold claims of 95% effectiveness” with the jabs. Likewise, he underscored the slippery way “efficacy” and “effectiveness” were used interchangeably to gloss over the significant difference between controlled trials and real-world conditions. Dr. Molhotra quickly realized the gaping holes in Pfizer’s mRNA clinical trials, noting he was alarmed to learn that there were four cardiac arrests in those who took the vaccine in the trial versus only one in the placebo group. He wrote:

“During early 2021, I was both surprised and concerned by a number of my vaccine-hesitant patients and people in my social network who were asking me to comment on what I regarded at the time as merely ‘anti-vax’ propaganda.

But a very unexpected and extremely harrowing personal tragedy was to happen a few months later that would be the start of my own journey into what would ultimately prove to be a revelatory and eye-opening experience so profound that after six months of critically appraising the data myself, speaking to eminent scientists involved in COVID-19 research, vaccine safety and development, and two investigative medical journalists, I have slowly and reluctantly concluded that contrary to my own initial dogmatic beliefs, Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine is far from being as safe and effective as we first thought.”

In January 2021, Dr. Malhotra, an NHS consultant, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, President of the Scientific Advisory Committee of The Public Health Collaboration, and internationally renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart disease, was one of the first to receive the two-dose Pfizer jab. A firm believer in the “safe and highly effective” vaccines produced during the latter half of the 20th century, Dr. Malhotra states he got the mRNA shots mainly to “prevent transmission of the virus” to his vulnerable patients. In an appearance on Good Morning Britain, he even convinced “vaccine-hesitant” British film director Gurinder Chadha to take the jab.

Nevertheless, following his father’s sudden death, Malhotra was distraught after examining the post-mortem findings. Not long before his death, Malhotra had assessed his 73-year-old father’s heart and determined overall he was in excellent health. His dad, who also received the Pfizer mRNA jabs, walked 10 to 15,000 steps daily and was extremely conscientious of his diet. Yet, with no evidence of an actual heart attack, Malhotra couldn’t explain how his healthy father had two severe blockages in his coronary arteries, which caused his death. He explained:

“There were two severe blockages in his Corona arteries, which didn’t really make any sense with everything. I know [this] both as a cardiologist—someone who has expertise in this particular area—but also by intimately knowing my dad’s lifestyle and his health. 

Not long after that, data started to emerge [that] suggested a possible link between the mRNA vaccine and increased risk of heart attacks from a mechanism of increasing inflammation around the coronary arteries. But on top of that, I was then contacted by a whistleblower at a very prestigious university in the UK. A cardiologist himself, he explained to me that there was similar research findings in his department—and that those researchers have decided to essentially cover it up because they were worried about losing research funding from the pharmaceutical industry.” 

Presently, the sinister, big-pharma profit-driven, tyrannical, Great Reset reality in which we live is unmistakable to many. Still, to have Dr. Malhotra come forward in such a tremendous way indicates the voice of logic and reason is gaining momentum and getting louder. While talk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) and the myriad of sudden deaths we witness daily might yet fool some, many more are becoming increasingly aware of the fraudulent scheme at hand. Pointing to a burgeoning list of adverse events and the long-term uncertainty of vaccine-induced myocarditis, Malhotra’s paper calls out the crooked big pharma business model being employed by the global elite to coerce the world into being injected with the mRNA COVID jab. Published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, it is well worth reading Dr. Malhotra’s two-part paper in full (here), and watching his Sept. 27 interview with the World Council for Health (here). Meanwhile, with his eyes wide open, in a recent interview, Malhotra conveyed a message he believes every human being needs to hear, declaring:

“[People] need to understand that the current system is encouraging good people to do bad things. At the root of this problem are big, very powerful corporations that have too much influence on government, on healthcare, and on media. And their primary responsibility is to produce profit for their shareholders, not to give you the best treatment. And when you understand that, then we can start doing something to transform the system.

And I don’t say this lightly. It has been well documented that these corporations, unfortunately, in how they go about their business, by misleading people, by their business model being fraudulent, they act like psychopaths—they are a psychopathic entity. Ultimately the conclusion is that we have a psychopathic entity influencing health policy, and that needs to stop—and it needs to stop now.”

What’s Graphene Oxide?

Is a toxic material hiding inside the COVID vaccines causing blood clots?

Authors: Emerald Robinson Jun 13, 2022

As more and more people around the world share their stories of COVID vaccine injuries, the inevitable question becomes: what’s really in the experimental shots? This is not an academic question. In fact, it’s going to be the single most important question in medicine and public health policy for the next 50 years because we’ve just forced billions of people into a medical experiment.

People are beginning to acknowledge these COVID vaccine side effects (despite the gaslighting of the medical community and the federal government) and even celebrities are admitting to these issues. For example, Justin Bieber now has facial paralysis — and his wife recently survived a massive blood clot in her brain that led to a stroke. Neither of them has said that the COVID vaccines are responsible — but who are we kidding anymore? Are those typical medical issues for a couple in their 20s?

Senior citizens are suddenly dying. Middle-aged people are suddenly dying. Even healthy young people are suddenly dying. In fact, the corrupt media is trying to create a syndrome called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” to hide the toxicity of the COVID vaccines. What could cause thousands of young people to have heart problems so severe that they die suddenly?

It turns out that a material called graphene oxide has been widely studied and tested in the biomedical industry — and its presence in the experimental COVID vaccines may explain the sudden increase in deadly blood clots around the world.

The links between nanotechnology and graphene oxide are well established in scientific literature. Graphene and graphene oxide are being developed and used as nanomaterials for medical applications — this is beyond dispute. Countless research papers can be found online: my quick search of scholarly articles using the search terms “graphene oxide” and “medicine” turned up 245,000 entries.

The problem is that graphene-based materials are toxic to biological life. In fact, the cancer-causing properties of graphene-based nanoparticles have already been studied and published. The results of injecting graphene oxide into mice are awful — as this study shows.

The pre-clinical risks, adverse effects of GNPs exposure, and approaches to minimize their health hazards still remain undefined. However, inhalation of graphene structures is believed to be a risk factor for cardiorespiratory disease. For example, inhaled graphene nanoplatelets can be transported deep within the distal regions of the lungs and trigger chronic inflammation in the respiratory tract [30]. It is generally thought that the placenta, lung, gastrointestinal tract and skin act as major barriers for many nanostructures entry into living organisms [31]. Indeed, a recent study on mice demonstrated that intratracheally delivered few-layered graphene was mainly retained in the lung, with 47% remaining after 4 weeks and this resulted dose-dependent acute lung injury and pulmonary oedema [32]. An in vitro study of the effects of graphene and graphene oxide on human skin HaCaT keratinocytes demonstrated that oxidized graphene was the most cytotoxic, inducing mitochondrial and plasma-membrane damage, and suggesting low cytotoxic effects at the skin level [33]. Reduced graphene oxide is more toxic than graphene oxide as evidenced by many studies reported recently [34][35]. This is primarily due to its sharp edges and structural morphology. In contrast to the typically soluble nanoparticles examined in conventional toxicology investigations, graphene nanostructures have different shapes and surface areas, and which in turn can significantly influence their diffusion, dispersion, aggregation and agglomeration in plasma. Importantly, these “tunable” characteristics of graphene account for the varying toxic outcomes on the tissues. In vivo, following toxicity testing of graphene, post-mortem histological examinations of liver alterations have revealed hypertrophy of hepatocytes, necrosis and inflammatory cell infiltration in liver and kidney tissues [36]. The level of organ function and oxidative stress has been reported to affect the fate, transport and toxicity of graphene in organs but there is currently a lack of consistency in this regard [36].

You don’t have to be a doctor to understand “cardiorespiratory disease” or “acute lung injury” or “mitochondrial and plasma-membrane damage” — do you?

Multiple studies have concluded that when graphene-based particles are injected into mice it leads “to extensive pulmonary thromboembolism.”

What’s a pulmonary thromboembolism you ask? It’s called a blood clot.

Let’s summarize what we know to be true about graphene-based materials:

Fact #1: Graphene-based materials are being developed around the world for medical purposes.

Fact #2: Graphene oxide was tested specifically as a vaccine ingredient by Chinese scientists in 2020.

Fact #3: These graphene-based materials are toxic and deadly when tested in mice — according to multiple studies.

Fact #4: Graphene-based materials specifically cause deadly blood clots in mice.

Fact #5: Vaccinated and otherwise healthy people are now dying because of blood clots — mere months after a world-wide COVID vaccination campaign.

These five facts lead to an obvious question: are graphene-based materials contained in any of the experimental COVID vaccines? Have they been hidden under trade secret agreements that allowed Big Pharma to avoid listing them in the patents and in the lists of key ingredients?

According to Spanish researcher Ricardo Delgado Martin, the answer is: yes. According to Professor Pablo Campra, the answer is: yes. According to biotech industry whistleblower Karen Kingston, the answer is: yes. 

The possible reasons behind adding graphene-based materials into COVID vaccines can be debated but they’re not important — the mere presence of such a toxic material would prove that the Biden regime’s mandating of these experimental COVID vaccines is a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Simply put: there are plenty of experts who have concluded that graphene oxide is present in the experimental COVID vaccines without the knowledge or consent of the billions of people who took the shots — and this would clearly constitute a crime against humanity.