Fighting post-COVID fatigue: Here’s what doctors suggest

Authors: Rajeswari Parasa 

When TNM spoke to doctors about the post-recovery phase, they say it takes anywhere between four to twelve weeks for a patient to recover from the symptoms of COVID-19.

Doctors suggest that people should limit themselves to doing only mild muscle strengthening and breathing exercises. And that anything beyond mild exercises would only lead to tiredness and fatigue at least for the first two months after testing negative.

“Muscle weakness and fatigue are common in the post-recovery phase of COVID-19. There are two reasons for this, one being lack of nutrition and the other being drop in the oxygen levels, which affects the tissues during the infection. In order to improve the condition, one should properly hydrate themselves and see that electrolytes are maintained. Sodium, potassium, and other such microelements should be balanced with proper nutrition to the body,” says Dr. Raj Kumar Korra, a consultant pulmonologist.

He further suggests that basic muscle strengthening basic exercises such as walking, climbing stairs should be done along with breathing exercises to increase the capacity of the lungs.

Doctors also indicate that the presence of cough-like symptoms also hints at the presence of mild viral load in the body.

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