The COVID-19 Foundation Library

The COVID19 Long-hauler Research Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation that is dedicated to helping people recover from the SARS-2 Covid Virus.  The Foundation maintains a wide variety of educational, scientific and medical resources to support those long-haul patients who have experienced lasting side-effects.  It maintains registries, a robust CDISC & SDTM standardized COVID19 clinical data warehouse and A.I. assisted medical monitoring system for disease, drug and diagnostic research.  It also operates specialized Social Networks that link long-haulers together for collaborative COVID19 community support through forums, groups, chats and blogs. 

The Foundation strives to match long-haulers with the clinical resources needed for care and recovery and with research scientists studying the disease, cures and vaccines.  It funds scientific research through its clinical site partnerships and is dedicated to the defeat of SARS-2 COVID disease. Our Library assembles the latest COVID-19 News, Videos and Scientific and Journal articles as a service to our Long-haul survivors.

–>The Foundation maintains an up-to-date library of the latest articles concerning the etiology of COVID-19, standards of care and treatments, daily updates on Long-haul disease and recovery.  It also maintains a registry of research programs and drug trials and seeks to match those suffering from COV with all of the resources necessary to return to health as quickly as possible.


The Foundation operates a global COVID-19 Social Network that provides long-haul suffers with a way to collaborate with others who are experiencing similar        problems with recovery.  We offer specialized groups, chats, forums and blogs        where our community members can meet to work together to solve the mystery of long-haul disease.  

Members are provided with a wide-variety of health monitoring solutions that operate across the Social Engine to track, monitor and measure  recovery from COV.  Through daily monitoring and detailed collection of social, physical, clinical and  psychological data surrounding the disease, the Foundation is able to provide clinicians and scientists with the latest updates concerning the virus and can match Members with clinical trials or other clinical or research support. 

Collecting, storing and securing COVID19 data securely and providing each member with the ability to control their daily record of recovery is fundamental to the mission of the Foundation.  All data is maintained in a HIPAA compliant system that is Blockchained and encrypted and is managed according to an informed consent system that is administered by each system user.  No information with personal identifiers will be shared without the expressed consent of the owner for participatory science, 

Collaborating with other long-haul survivors, members of the Foundation support community we are able to gather detailed, daily and longitudinal clinical clinical  and activities of daily living from our users.  Users are able to share information concerning care and ways to improve long-haul outcomes.

Connecting long-haul subjects with the latest research, clinical trials and research scientists to develop cures, vaccines and diagnostics and for the conduct of basic research and epidemiologic analysis to solve the mysteries of long-haul disease.


  1. –> Supporting the safety and efficacy  of COVID-19 vaccine deployment and tracking of adverse events and serious adverse events to support further development of vaccines.
  2. –> Analytics and Artificial Intelligence automates sentinel event monitoring.  The Foundation’s cloud-based platform provides a wide array of neural network solutions and automated visualization tools for continuous monitoring of Long-haul diseases.